A Final Fantasy VIII Fansite

Welcome everyone!

This is my little corner of the internet where I am practicing coding and being extremely self-indulgent with one of my all-time favorite games, Final Fantasy VIII. As I progress and get better at coding want this site to focus on fun bits of trivia, fanart, doujinshi, official art, characters, locations, merch, etc. So of course it'll be a bit of a hectic mess at first, but I'm hoping this will turn out to be something later on. Another purpose for this site is to help fill a void that has been left by rampant growth of social media and the cold, soulless aesthetic of fan wiki pages. I know a lot of the stuff I want to share has been touched upon by other fans, especially on youtube (which I'll probably be sharing a few links to those videos) and if anyone wants in depth descriptions of plot, setting, characters, etc, the aformentioned wiki pages cover more of that than is feasable for me. I just want to share what tidbits I do know in my own way. Anyway, I'll eventually replace this blurb with something more orderly later on, but thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this.